NCC-TU Chapter Meeting Report
Wednesday, November 8, 2006.
7:15 p.m.

Featured Speaker: Mike Starrett, "Largemouth Bass: Mattowoman Creek And Vicinity"

    Mike Starrett, of Indian Head Charters, gave Chapter Members the low-down on Mattowoman Creek, long popular with the bass boat crowd. Mattowoman Creek is a little known paradise for fly rodders seeking its sizable bass and other species.

    You won't be throwing silky leaders with fine tippets here. Instead, Mike favors leader gauged up to 20 lb test! Heavier leader material is well suited to the lily pads and heavy vegetation that serve as cover for the quarry on Mattowoman. You had better use a weed guard, if you want to see your bug again. A moving tide is also a must. A flood tide pushes the fish up into the pads and into the upper reaches of Mattowoman while an ebbing tide stacks the fish up for your shorter casts. The Mattowoman fishes well from April through September, and it can be red hot late on a warm summer evening!

Capt. Mike Starrett demonstrates how to deal with lily pads that get
between you and the lunker bass of Mattowoman Creek.

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